• For Mature Audiences

    January 22, 2006

    Brace yourself. Very soon in beauty and fashion ads you will be seeing faces of women who are actually in their 40's - or even older. If you look closely, you may even see a wrinkle or a line or two. Granted, these are not ordinary faces: Kim Basinger in the new campaign for Miu Miu; Sharon Stone, the image for Dior Beauty. These are extraordinary, storied, famous, perhaps even infamous, faces. Faces with staying power. Read more »
  • The Perfume Odyssey; A Scent-imental Journey

    August 20, 2000

    This fall I want a new scent. The bright, clean fragrances, so fresh a few years ago, now feel thin, too pure. A new age of decadence has dawned and I want to be part of it. Don't speak to me about a signature scent -- wearing the same perfume my whole life. Let me dance to the music of time. And yet fragrance, more intimate than lingerie, must also express my inner core, awaken forgotten memories, call up a submerged aspect of self. How do I reconcile these apparently conflicting needs? Read more »